Quilting Machines


  • Working with rolls of materials
  • Digital graphics control:
    • Touch Screen 15”
    • USB port for programs and data loading.
    • External Compact Flash for programs and data loading
    • Ethernet socket for remote service
    • Real-Time Multitasking proprietary operating system
  • Sewing machine “Unika”
    • 3200 stitches per min.
    • Possibility to install rotary hook for bobbin length up to 145 meters or from 135 to 675 meters
    • Adjustable stitch length from 1 to 8 mm, whilst working also
    • Programmable stitch fastening
    • Thread break detector
    • Automatic lubrication of rotary hook
    • Automatic positioning of sewing machine for maintenance
    • Electronic protection system of needle and rotary hook in case of electrical faults or de-clocks synchronization
    • Needle size from 90 to 140
    • Presser foot stroke setting by computer at material thickness
  • Automatic centering of drawing into sewing area for a valuable aid to the operator
  • Collision alert into sewing area
  • Electrically-controlled fabric-tensioning system with double air clamping and tension adjustable by computer, particularly suitable for stretch materials
  • Maintenance-oiling warning message
  • Cutting device composed by cross cutter for quilted panels separation and n.2 side trimmers with built-in pneumatic blade sharpener activated by computer
  • Material bracket with 4 places + 1 on machine
  • Max height of roll materials 3000 mm
  • Max sewing area: 2700 x 3000 mm
  • Online technical service